Top Ten Reasons Why…..

Gum Surgery Is Easier Than Infertility

A few weeks ago I had my first significant medical procedure since stopping fertility treatments nine months prior. Unexplained excessive gum recession forces me into the dentist’s chair every now and then for a session of numbing, cutting, and stitching. Being that I spent the vast majority of my 2013 in the arena of reproductive medicine, my jaunt with the periodontist was a year and a half overdue. (more…)

Spending Halloween With My Dark Side

Contemplating my role reversal fantasy – hardly as kinky as it sounds……

It all came into focus back when I was a waitress.

I’m one of those reluctant members of the restaurant business. After slogging through summers at McDonald’s in high school, I found myself working part time as a server to make ends meet after college. I did as much for nine years to follow, trekking many miles up and down restaurant isles, foregoing holidays and nights out in order to pay my rent and explore life as a free-lance flutist. I couldn’t stand it, but it was part of the life I had chosen. I tried my best to be professional, and after almost getting fired from my first waitressing gig (where I was upfront in revealing that I had no experience yet they failed to train me anyway) I did eventually become decent at it in my own right.

After years of double shifts that entailed, among other things, getting spoken to as though I was worthless scum by citizens of Long Island’s north shore, I made the transition to owner as I helped forge the existence of my chef husband’s first restaurant. (more…)