Serve as a Source

Hi Everyone –

Wanted to let those of you who have been through treatments know about a chance to serve as a source for reporters investigating the fertility industry.

You can find details on Pamela Tsigdinos’ Silent Sorority Blog.

One reporter is doing “an in-depth investigation into the fertility industry here in the United States examining the ways in which it may be prone to serious abuses and harm and risk in the desire to obtain profit”.

The fertility industry will not start doing business more humanely unless we speak.

The outside world will not take our plight seriously unless reporters start providing narratives other than the one sided at-any-price miracle baby tales that are so constantly present in today’s media.

I encourage those of you who can find the space (and I know space is quite a rare commodity in the trenches of healing) to check it out.

I can say from personal experience Pamela is a pro at vetting reporters for their thoroughness, sensitivity and respect for the disease of infertility and its ramifications.  Go to her blog to see the details.

I’ve seen tiny signs that reporters are becoming more inclusive in their reporting on infertility – Here’s to keeping the tides turning!

PS More writing from me soon:-)


2 thoughts on “Serve as a Source

  • I’m so glad that the word about abuses in the fertility industry are getting out! I hope that some are willing and able to speak to the reporters and get the word out. I thought about it, but my experience with the industry was so brief that I don’t think it would be of much use. Above and beyond that, I have a metric fuckton of shit going on right now, and I’m just not in a good headspace to even try.

    • It’s true, everyone’s got a different type of experience with reproductive medicine’s shit carnival. I actually had a doctor who was quite thorough with diagnosis when we did IVF. There were still plenty of things that could have been more humane in the process though.

      I just found metric fuckton in the urban dictionary…..sweet.

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