World Childless Week is next Week!!


Hello Dear Readers,

A reminder the second annual World Childless Week from September 10 – 16 is just around the corner.

You can visit their site here to read more about the daily events and find out how you can get involved.

Be sure to check out their #IAMME campaign and participate if the spirit moves you.

On Friday the 14th the people at WCW will be kindly sharing a piece from me addressing comments that hurt.  This year’s pronatalist feature is the ever  scintillating “You’ll never know true love until you have a child”, so as you can imagine I was more than happy to offer my rebuttal.

Am also pleased to have a piece featured in the upcoming edition of the Childless Not By Choice Magazine, due to come out in a few days.  Will let you know when it’s available.


7 thoughts on “World Childless Week is next Week!!

  • I look forward to reading your blog about comments that hurt. I, too, have written a post for this day. I am sure many of us will have a lot to say about the “not knowing true love” statement…

    • Oh good. Looking forward to your piece as well Brandi. Agreed about the chorus of us that will have something to say on this – not an easy one to keep quiet on, that’s for sure.

  • Congratulations on having your article in there… your words have provided true empathy for me and I know they are for so many other women. that quote by the way I reminded me of when Serena Williams got pregnant and said that this finally made her “a real woman”. I’ve never paid one damn bit of attention to her since after that horrific statement.

    • Thanks!! I’ve probably said this before, but it’s so meaningful to know my words have made an impact for the better somewhere. When we’re processing our experiences, whether through writing or otherwise, especially in the early days “impactful” is not exactly how we’re feeling!

      Have been able to catch some of the US Open this week (tennis is one of my favorite sports to watch) and I quietly root against her. Super mature, I know. But there was no excuse for that comment that throws 20% of her own gender under the bus.

  • Thank you Sarah – I love your writing. I have been following LWB for a number of years and followed a link to your blog a few weeks back. I’ve just worked my way through every single post. My IVF journey ended 5th January 2014 and reading your posts was so compelling. Relating for the first time to my own thoughts and feelings and feeling justified in how I have felt for so many years has made such a difference. Thank you so much for your insights and I’ll be checking in regularly. I love reading the comments too – makes such a difference.

    Feels so good too seeing others react to Serena’s comment in the same way I did – reading that she lost the final made my day. Typical of her to create enough drama though to take the limelight away from the winner – that was at least acknowledged on the BBC news – “its sad we are all talking about Serena’s complaint rather than the tennis champion”.

    • Wow Jane, every single post?? I feel you deserve a prize of sorts, though I’m not sure what exactly! I’m going to have to do that soon myself as re-reading my stuff will be a component to the book I’m writing. I’m kind of scared to go all the way back and then through!

      As far as the Serena situation, I suspect there was sexism involved, however that said, if Serena really wants to stand up for women as she claims, she needs to not use her pregnancy and child as a token of presumed superiority. That IS a form of sexism.

      Thanks for reading and for letting me know my words helped.

      • Hi Sarah – thank you for your reply – put a great big smile on my face (yes a prize of sorts) – love that! I made a number of bookmarks to favourites and I emailed a lot of quotes to myself throughout – so much resonated (yes every post). A book sounds awesome.

        Yes – going back is scary – for me it made sense of how I was feeling at the time and helped me to be brave and sit with my feelings now. I love your writing – for me now – whatever I feel is OK – I don’t worry that I haven’t made progress or that I seem not to have moved on with some difficulties. We are complex and wonderfully unique.

        Thank you too for another Serena insight – “she needs to not use her pregnancy and child as a token of presumed superiority – that is a form of sexism”. I just couldn’t pin point what was making me so mad!

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