Articles, served as a source

What It’s Like To Stop Trying To Have a Baby After $77,000 of Fertility Treatments by Jen Jones Donatelli in Redbook  (Nov 5, 2015)

How To Start a Child Free Life After infertility, by Rachel Gurevich on Very Well  (Updated May 22, 2018)

The Wild Wild World of IVF Explained by Pamela Tsigdinos in Marie Claire (October 1, 2019)

Most IVF ‘add-ons’ rest on shaky science, studies find by Sharon Begley in STAT (November 5, 2019)


Other Media

Should We Kid Or Not? I soley represented the childless not by choice demographic on this PBS Independent Lens web series (November 2019)


Childless Not By Choice and Infertility Platforms

It has been my pleasure to share my writing and spoken thoughts in other forums.  Be sure to check out these great platforms:

Podcast with Cathy Broadwell on Slow Swimmers and Fried Eggs  (December 2016)

“Reflections on Grief and Feeling” on Lesley Pine’s Blog  (July 23, 2017)

“The Many Faces of Love” on World Childless Week  (September 14, 2018)

“IVF Chaos, Callous Care” on  (October 2018). E-mail if interested in sharing your story

“My Path To and Through Involuntary Childlessness” on Walk In Our Shoes (January 1, 2019)

World Childless Week Mindfulness Meditation and Breathwork video (September 2020)