“Infertile On Board” is an official product!


Imagine my surprise when I received this comment on my blog:

“Hi Sarah, I stumbled across your link whilst doing some analytics and was quite inspired by your post. We’ve now put the sign you created up on our site as a specific sign – http://www.personalisedcarsigns.co.uk/infertile-on-board – with exclamation mark this time!”

I know people of all kinds have quite a reaction to, and many opinions on, the word infertile. So how did “Infertile On Board” come about? Read more

How to Talk to an Infertility Survivor (and Actually Not Suck at It)

A tale of two lovely and informed people

It had become clear we needed some help. The year my husband and I lost our children and thus on the heels of spending $77,000 on NOT getting pregnant he also, with his partner, opened up his fifth restaurant. I know from the outside this reeks of glitz and glam and of fresh new beginnings. I would see it the same way, and being on the inside I’m aware that in the long run I may have nothing to complain about. Being able to invest in an asset is preferable to not being able to invest in one, I always remind myself. Read more

Staying True Part 2

How yoga REALLY helped me through infertility

“Don’t use the word infertile, your uterus will retract from the trauma. Remember, she hears you.” As it turned out, the Maya abdominal fertility massage alternative to other higher powers was not all that much more appealing to me. I determined early on the idea that one of my very own organs demanded I be a good little girl was NOT going to be a useful tool in my quest for a child.

“My uterus ain’t that dumb” happened to be my first ponderance on the issue. Read more

Staying True

How yoga REALLY helped me through infertility


I’ve gotten back into the Jason Bourne movies as of late. That I’m a glutton for action films featuring loner male protagonists is something for which I have no explanation. My attraction to the underlying themes of the Bourne trilogy is less mysterious; Main character meets severe obstacles in finding his way home after traumatic experiences, is forced to seek his true identity while combatting sketchy organizations that create false realities and insist that he be something he innately isn’t. Hmmm…..what infertility survivor wouldn’t be down with THAT? Read more

Happy Birthday, Finally

An infertility survivor runs into contentment on her birthday……..

Oh, the unpredictability emitting journey through holidays while in the midst of a grieving process…….many of us know it well. Often an excruciating odyssey, dicey even when definable can be a best case scenario. There are many valid ways to maneuver oneself through this, though for me personally (and please don’t be shocked), I prioritize allowing whatever comes up emotionally coupled with the ever so important art of self – preservation. Read more

Adios, “Meant To Be”!

Spiritual upending in infertility’s aftermath

I have some confessions I need to get off my chest, if only to myself. I’m not big on confessions – after all I was raised as a Unitarian Universalist, not as a Catholic – but they can serve as a starting point of sorts. An “I was there” clarification. An added dot to connect to the dot of where I am now providing a framework for what is really the beefy part of the matter. Which is “how in the world did I get from there to here??”

I purchased “The Secret” DVD back when it was all the rage.

Yes, that’s so cringe worthy I hereby award it its own paragraph. But there’s more. I used to believe (or thought I did) that everything happens for a reason.  That we could manifest good things into our lives if we wanted to.  That life’s catastrophes had the purpose of evolving the human soul that made it all “worth it”. And I even took it upon myself to presume this of other people’s hardships. I used to believe in meant to be.

At my latest session, my acupuncturist asked if I was still thinking of pursuing yoga teacher training. I alluded to the fact that I had been thinking about it for much longer than I had anticipated I would. “And suddenly you’ll find that you’re in the right place and with the right people and it’ll all make sense why it happened that way,” she offered. Ahh, the good ole cushy belief in law and order in the universe. Although a simple “or maybe not” response would have done the trick, I was caught off guard by my new found repulsion towards this concept. A most unenthusiastic “yeah” was all I could muster. Read more

Top Ten Reasons Why…..

Gum Surgery Is Easier Than Infertility

A few weeks ago I had my first significant medical procedure since stopping fertility treatments nine months prior. Unexplained excessive gum recession forces me into the dentist’s chair every now and then for a session of numbing, cutting, and stitching. Being that I spent the vast majority of my 2013 in the arena of reproductive medicine, my jaunt with the periodontist was a year and a half overdue. Read more